FAQ EfleaTalk

Do I have to sign a contract?

NO, there is no contract with eflea watch, no credit check.

Can I interrupt the service?

YES, you can interrupt and resume the service at any time, free of charge.

Is my phone number visible?

NO there is no phone number associated with eflea? phone.

Which cellular network does the eflea phone use?

The eflea phone uses the vast majority of cellular networks in your area, it uses the best network available in the local area. If you move to another area, the eflea phone will migrate to the best available network in that region.

Can I travel with the eflea phone?

YES, you can use your eflea phone in over 150 countries worldwide without roaming charges.

Is the eflea phone secure for my personal information?

YES the eflea phone is the most secure in the industry and uses the latest encryption technologies in the industry (Blockchain). Since your eflea phone doesn't use a local number, you won't receive any external communication from your network.

Can a non-eflea phone contact an eflea phone?

YES, you must download the eflea application (a monthly fee of 1.00$ applies).

Is the eflea phone waterproof?

Yes, the eflea phone is water-resistant,
YES, it is IP67 certified.

Which operating system is used by the eflea phone?

The eflea phone uses the Android operating system.

Is there a charge for tracking in a non-outdoor location, such as my warehouse?

NO the service is included with the eflea phone.

Is there a charge for the RFID service offered by eflea?

There are no application fees included in the eflea RFID phone, there are RFID usage fees, for more information contact your eflea representative.

Can I send SMS messages?

YES you can send SMS to your eflea group

Can I send photos?

YES you can send photos and videos to your eflea talk friends.

Is there a registration fee or a SIM card purchase fee?


The phone uses a SIM card

YES, the eflea phone uses a SIM card as well as WiFi and Bluetooth.